Reno's First Indoor Digital Shooting Range

building_effectivness_homePromotes the safe use and ownership of firearms through education; using proven technologies for complete training solutions.

Our world is changing at an alarming rate. Among other things, we are not as safe as we once were in our own homes, neighborhoods and public places. What can you do to protect yourself and your loved ones? Be aware, prepared and responsible.MiScenarios offers a unique opportunity to practice marksmanship and scenarios in a safe, clean and comfortable environment. Using technology developed for Police and Military training, you will hone your skills using real guns, tasers and OC Spray; which are modified to emit laser signals at the targets. Experience recoil and the feeling of real shooting.This technology is perfect for the first time gun user as well as the most ardent shooters. It’s safe, accurate and fun!For improved marksmanship, choose between range types and lengths, moving or still targets and various target styles. Choose between handgun, rifle and/or shotgun.To improve self-defense skills, choose from various real life scenarios, putting yourself* in the middle of virtual situations. How will you react? With scenario practice, your awareness and skills to handle real life situations and stress improves dramatically.There’s no need to travel out of town to find a safe place to practice shooting. There’s no need to go to an expensive indoor shooting range either.There is no per shot charge, resulting in low cost sessions.    

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The experience will really appeal to everyone in the family whether they have any marksmanship experience or not."